Layers Design Sign

Thought i’de try out the new Layers Functionality in CC.
Found this design that i’de like to try.
Any suggestions on how to do the design for this.

Layer Sign


OK, got all the lettering done. Now What

have you seen Making a stacked-text sign using the new layer feature in Carbide Create (version 521+) ?


For concepts also see:

If you’ll post the file we can do a step-by-step

Haven’t quite figured out the new layering functionality in CC yet. But i did find a nice video that shows how to use it in any CC version without using the layering functionality. I Tried it and it does work. Did the design but didn’t actually cut the job.

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Final Design with 2 Layers.

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If you haven’t watched it, take a look at the video on stacked text by Chris Powel. I found it very useful. The key points I found were in the Boolean union and using CC’s advanced v-carve with pocketing. No layering is required.
My first attempt came out fine.

It was used as a casting pattern.

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