Limit switch issues

I just completed the assembly of my XXL. I went to initiate machine and it won’t move. The Z axis makes a groaning noise then I get a failure warning.

All LEDs light up on my switches and are recognized in the settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated. After I disconnect the motor I can raise the Z axis manually. Then it will start but once it goes all the way down it fails, if I raise it all the way up and start it fails and says it can not find the switch. At a loss.

Most likely you need to send the machine configuration:

If that’s not it, contact us at and let us know you’ve seen that link and we’ll do our best to assist.

If you have sent the configuration and you are still failing homing I wrote a doc to help you trouble shoot the proximity switches. The assembly instructions have you mount the switches they may not be triggering. Let me know if the doc helps.

homing_problems.pdf (1.2 MB)

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