Little help on the Design Elements Library Please

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I’m not the most frequent user of CC and find myself somewhat out of the loop, so I’m reaching out for some guidance. I’m currently working on crafting a custom charcuterie board as a wedding gift for my son. For this project, I’m trying to integrate a specific script from the design elements library available in CC build 747 for Mac. Despite my efforts, I’ve been unable to locate any resources or tutorials on how to effectively utilize this library.

The script I aim to incorporate is called “Home Sweet Home.” Unfortunately, I am having trouble downloading or modifying it. It appears that it may need to be converted into an SVG file for use in the design phase. Additionally, I am interested in altering the script’s text, but the only way I seem to be able to access the file is by taking a screenshot, which isn’t ideal. It leads me to believe that my next step should be to find a suitable script editor for making the necessary changes and then converting it. Does that sound like a viable approach?

I always find the community here to be incredibly supportive, so I’m hopeful someone can guide me through this process. Thank you very much in advance for any advice you can provide!

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The Design Elements all have any text converted into curves, see:

Since the text is not text, but a graphical element, it cannot be edited using the text object, instead, any textual changes would require re-drawing the text in question.

For using multiple elements see:

If you’ll let us know specifically what you are having difficulty with we will walk through it with you.

They are already .svg format. It’s just they are imbedded in the software instead of individual files.

To use one, find the one you want and double-click to insert it in your design.
It will come in at the scale it was created. You will likely need to resize it.

How do you mean to alter the text? If you want different letters or words, you might be better off just creating your design from scratch using a font of your choosing.

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Thanks for the answers. It is starting to come back to me. I went and found the font I liked in MS Word, then did a screenshot in Preview, and used the jpg file saved from that in Convertio to make an SVG. Bingo, and done!

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