Live Stream Training

Has Carbide 3D thought of doing Live Stream Training?
I am sure there is a market for this.
You could even make a library of past training for a small fee. Even free access for a certain time frame after a purchase.

Just a thought.


My take on this is the documentation should be up at:

and not behind a pay wall.

I’ve written a bit up on various things on the support queue as well as here:

and have written a bit at:

If folks will let us know what task or concept or file or project they are having difficulties with we will do our best to explain things plainly.


Many years ago I was involved with a company that sold software to download and create reports from medical devices. Often the primary user of the software would go on leave or be otherwise unavailable, so we would get calls from folks that had no idea of the steps involved to even set up for patient use. What we ended up doing was creating a checklist to walk them through the steps (right down to each button press) for a successful outcome, which decreased our support calls dramatically.

I’ve seen a few frustrated users here that my heart goes out to and can’t help but wonder if something similar might be helpful? I know there are excellent tutorials on a wide range of topics from boolean operations to 3D carving, but what about the user that doesn’t understand transferring artwork be it from an image or imagination into CC and then to CM?

The setup and running of the machine is so well covered that I don’t think that is really the issue, although knowing the nomenclature to search is it’s own stumbling block.

Is there a simple step-by-step instruction that I’ve missed that we can point new users towards? And I mean really simple, like lets cut a circle or square into a piece of wood and then measure it to see how well our machine is setup? Not talking about creating a van Gogh, but really keeping it basic. I understand the transition to more difficult projects is a different issue, but perhaps something like:

  1. Get a piece of lumber and measure it LxHxW.
  2. Open CC and start a new project.
  3. Enter the dimensions from step 1
    If that’s already here, though I know we’re not teaching basic computing here, please point me to it so I might also be of help to some of these folks.

We have done such tutorials for folks on the support queue quite a number of times — if folks ask for it, we do our best to provide it — but we can only provide things which folks ask after.

Folks should let us know what concept or operation or file or project they are having difficulty w/ and we will do our best to assist.

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Once I get my Pro XXL I will be adding content for the free software and how to use it for those that may be as cheap as I am.
I may be upgrading to software with a price when I get projects underway later on. I like what I see with some of the Vectric software.

I’ve seen and used them and been very grateful many times Will. I’m just not sure that some folks even understand what concept to ask for help with as there might not even be an understanding of those basics.

I suspect some users can barely use email and might not even have a single power tool, other than a Shapeoko, and you folks do a great job getting them into creating wonderful things. Others just have a lot of trouble grasping the very basics, which is the audience that I’ve seen frustrated and would like to be able to point out that very basic step-by-step help for.

You can schedule some time for a video chat or screen share with Nick at Contact Us under the “Video” section. He can help with the machine, CM, or CC as well as general questions about the technology. (It’s free too)


Thanks Rob, didn’t know you folks were offering that too, well done!
I’ll try to forward this to those that might benefit from that kind of personal time.
You folks have built a wonderful company with a very intense focus of customer service, keep it up!
And thanks Will for all your rapid responses and excellent tutorials!

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Did not know this either, Very nice!

I would love a video that sloooooowly explains and demonstrates inlays. I have read and bookmarked everything on this site and I still can’t get it to work. I got so frustrated that I set the machine aside for a while. I am ready to try again, but, it just doesn’t click with me.
How about a new “Inlay” function within CC. Something that guides you through the process or simplifies clicking on borders to make the appropriate offsets and depths.
Just a thought. I have to go now. The guys in the white jackets are coming for me.

To start, what software are you using to do inlays?

I think if you are using Carbide Create you need Pro version, if what I remember correctly with what I have read.

There are other software available to do inlays as well like V-carve from Vectric.