Looking to find a way to erase a line

I have files of shapes to make cutting board handles. Only problem is when I import them, they are in an outside shape. Not cool for cutting the handle unless I just want to cut the handle. I could cut them out with a template and cut them with my jigsaw. Tried the boolean but cant quite get it the way I want or need, Help??

Please see:

If that doesn’t help, post the file and let us know what you want to do and we’ll walk through it w/ you.

OK, Be right back. Thanks for the quick reply…

Ok, I give. This is an image I am working on. As you see, if I cut aboard , it will cut of the bottom. I need the bottom straight line to go away

OK, I figured it out. I copied my image, flipped it, lined it up and used the trim tool to delete the line. Now to just remember that the next time! Thanks!

Open the file:

Offset by endmill geometry plus 10%:

Draw in a rectangle along the line which you wish to remove:

Change its height to more than endmill diameter + 10%:

Move it down so that the rectangle is aligned with/overlaps the line which you wish to remove:

Increase the height slightly:

Union it with the line geometry:

Select the outside offset geometry:

shift-click on the unioned geometry to add it to the selection as the key object:

Boolean subtract:

Select everything and cut as a pocket:

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