Love the Shapeoko Dislike the constant Out of Stock

So here is the big question…

When will the inventory be back up?

No Shapeoko Pro
no BitZero V2
No BitSetter
No Bit Runner

Thnx in advance

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It’s pretty discouraging when the competition is begging for my business but I love the Shapeoko community and continue to have hope. Kinda like the Chicago Cubbies trying to score a World Series a few years back

BitRunner V1 is discontinued and is out of stock until they release V2.

The other 2 were in stock for a good while. Must have had a rush as the last batch of SOPro machines was posted.


I’ll keep checking online daily I guess

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I’d take the BitSetter off your shopping list since it’s already included in another item on your shopping list… one less thing to dislike.


As noted, the BitSetter is bundled w/ a Pro, so no need to purchase separately, and the BitRunner v1 is discontinued pending the release of the v2.

For availability of the Pro itself please see:

Please sign up to be notified by e-mail on the relevant shop pages — for further information please contact

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Every company is dealing with the same issue right now. Everyone at home wanting to do a hobby. Try looking at larger workshop power tools. Everyone is out of stock and long lead times.


Be the best. Dont be like the rest. I hear you and I acknowledge your statement however saying everyone else has the same problem is a weak stance. As a business owner myself I see an opportunity. What can we do to not be like the rest and turn this problem into an opportunity to capture more market share?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Many of the “rest” take your pre-order $$ and then continually push back the delivery date.


According to this Carbide3D customer they took his payment and as you put :…” took his $$ and then continually pushed back the delivery date” without even communicating with him.

It is very nice that you stand up for Carbide 3D they do make a nice machine …however you need to dig deeper and research before pontificating .

See video here

For the record I do like Shapeoko products I just don’t like the customer service and sales and saying that everyone else does the same thing still does not make their weak customer service and product availability an easier pill to swallow.

Cheers :beers:


Not defending anyone. (though I absolutely would stand by C3D)
Not pontificating.
Not caring enough to do research.

Just stating that they don’t do pre-orders, others do. Different.

my point is that they did take preorders and they did take money if they are not doing so now is different then before. Since you did not do the research which proves my point you are pontificating .

You win, BigFoot.
I’ll be here when you need help with the CNC.


I suspect that that situation is why we are currently releasing machines in weekly batches.

Lots of folks have requested that we do pre-orders, but we have chosen not to do so intentionally, and do our best to avoid situations which become such due to parts availability.

As was noted recently here, and on the blog:

we are currently only placing items in stock or making availability projects based on parts which are currently on our premises.

Anyone who has any concerns or issues with anything related to ordering or availability should contact


You are a master at using the CNC. I respect your skill and expertise from what I’ve read and researched in previous posts on this forum. I’m just an artist who wants to expand his medium beyond photo and laser into CNC.

Thank you for the opportunity to learn from you. I will take a draw …Dont want the win it was not what I was after.




I just hadn’t posted in a while and felt a need.


I have seen the Samcraft video. He seems quite happy with his machine but he did order early on and obviously mistakes were made. The mistakes were corrected and things have moved on. When I watch his videos he is all over the place about loving the machine and then not. So if you cannot live without a great machine and the great community go to the other fellows. Just went to the Inventables site and their Pro is estimated to ship in August. And it is quite expensive.

Could Carbide3d do better, probably, but everything is in short supply right now with prices going up. Have you bought any lumber lately. The prices have gone up 300-400%. Home builders cannot get lumber to build houses and if they do they are having to go back to their customers and get more money. Unfortunately it is a sign of the times that we have to live through. Lets how these days do not seem like the good days in the future.

For Sasquatch dont let this sour you on what will be a great experience in the end. Good Luck.

One of the funniest things in the work place I ever saw was over a copy machine at a customers plade. The sign said:

“Would you like to rush this rush job in front of this rush job I am already rushing” C3d had the profit motive and hopefully they are working as hard as they can to get machines out the door. These things are a makers worst nightmare. They make something great and suddenly they are so deep in orders that it kills their business


I guess my $100 fell off my forehead…lol😂

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I know a little bit more then the average Joe about lumber prices. I live in the great Pacific Northwes, Vancouver Washington.

I see out of state truck and trailers buying up all the plywood and lumber at Lowe’s and Home Depots And taking it to Idaho and Montana.

The struggle is real.

Patience is a virtue… I will hold the line and keep waiting.


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