Mac/Game Controller

I have read through the other threads on this topic, but I am still a bit confused.

Current set up:
Shapeoko Pro XXL

iMac 24” M1 (located centrally between my Shapeoko and my Beambox Pro, can’t see screen when standing in front of Shaoeoko).

So… I added an old external Samsung monitor mounted to Shapeoko bench (mirroring iMac screen).

Wireless keyboard and mouse (too clunky to bring both from the computer to the Shapeoko).

A few questions…

  1. Does Carbide Motion for Mac have game controller support? If so, which ones?
  2. What other controllers/keyboards/etc are people using with CM and a Mac?
  3. What are likes/dislikes about whatever you are using?

Any additional tips/info always appreciated.


I use a gamepad, because I find the joysticks annoying and the simpler layout reduces the likelihood of my pressing the wrong button — since gamepads aren’t directly supported I do it via keyboard remapping — is there software for the Mac which will map a gamepad’s buttons to keypresses?

I’m not sure. I’m new to all this. I am hoping someone out there has some info for an easy set up on a Mac. :slight_smile:

It should work to use software such as:

and then re-map the buttons to a suitable keyboard layout to match:

I use one of these, which works well on my Windows machine and appears to be Mac compliant, too.

The problem is, game controller support on the Mac is not as robust as on Windows and I can’t recall if we ever got it working on Macs.

I don’t know about game controllers, but this isn’t one.

EDIT: Perhaps I should expand on this, @splace73, @WillAdams. Using a small utility program of it’s own, this device maps specific keys on the keyboard, so the keys used to jog the machine on the computer’s keyboard can be mapped to this device when the jog screen is ‘modal’. As it has nine keys, I use the remaining three to adjust the jogging speed.

So is this a Mac issue, or a Carbide issue? I think Apple has added game controller support, but not sure what the limitations are. Are you able to try it there?

I believe it’s that we haven’t added game controller support to the Mac version yet — if you really want to use one, I believe it’s also in the Raspberry Pi version.

I tested by plugging in an 8bitdo gamepad which registers as a game controller/joystick — Mac OS X sees it, but Carbide Motion didn’t register it.

Didn’t try the utility I linked above since it’s not a signed executable.

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