Machine a 3d part from layers?

Thinking of a project that I actually hand made from multiple pieces of 3/4 MDF stacked on each other. It was a cup holder for my vehicle. Now that i have a shapeoko pro, can i design this in CCPro and then slice it into 3/4”thick layers for cutting? Then ill assemble it into a finished part thats about 6” high.

Carbide Create Pro doesn’t have a facility for slicing. You could do this, but you would need to make a separate file/region for each layer.

If you did the design in a 3D CAD tool you could export an STL and slice that and then export an STL to use in CC Pro, or use a tool such as:

I did a preliminary design like you suggested in shapr3d . Are you saying i need to have CCpro to send the STL file to?

STLs are a 3D file format, so one needs a 3D CAM tool such as Carbide Create Pro (which recently gained the ability to import them), or MeshCAM.

Here is what I am currently working on. A Noah boat for my daughters teaching at church. I used a combination of 3/4 and 1" boards and just scaled the size down for each piece so that one would sit on the next. Have yet to cut two deck pieces that will cover over the top, and a “cabin” in the middle.
Just sounded like something you were trying to do on a smaller scale.
This one is about 25" long and 12" wide at the widest.

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Nice Frank! I want to do something similar with scripture on the pieces that teach the word while being assembled.
Here is a cup holder I designed in shapr3d, Its a fair process to slice it up manually, but doable.

For folks using Fusion360 there is a cool Slicer plugin that automates the task of creating 2d slices from a 3d model
I used it in this example

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kiri:moto will do that for you as well. All browser based. It’s not as cool as Slicer (which I think has been deprecated), but it should work for what you’re doing if it’s all 2d slices that can be represented by an svg. For true 3d, I’d just do it manually in Fusion (or your 3D modeling program of choice).

That was cool and it just inspired an idea for a project! :pray:

Slicer for Fusion can do some really cool stuff beyond just stacked layers. Here’s a lamp prototype one of my students designed with Slicer.


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