Machine Cutting Area Visible

Let’s say, I want to see my machine total cutting area displayed in Carbide Create or super imposed on the screen before I start and during editing a project. This would be for positioning the work including pin placement for say multiple projects.
Can this even be done?

Would I have to create a box of the work area and then have the project as an overlay in like layers? Might there be another way?

I may be overthinking this.

I just drew it up as a template in Carbide Create:

These links do not work for me.
What do you mean a template?

Draw up your machine, using the rapid position coordinates and a measurement of where parts are from those positions.

Rapid position coordinates are a part of CM? I cannot find any reference to rapid position coordinates in CC.

Speaking of which, does the RPC actually go to the extreme edges of travel of the waste board?

The Rapid Position Coordinates are in Carbide Motion — Move the machine to them, note the positions, then draw up matching rectangles in Carbide Create — then measure from those positions relative to the balance of the machine and continue drawing up.

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