Machine Disconnecting

My Pro XXL just started disconnecting from Carbide Motion today. Seems to be getting more frequent.

The cord to the laptop seems solid, and shaking it / re-plugging it doesn’t fix the problem. Only way to fix it is to turn off the machine and re-initialize.

Software issue?
Machine board?

Usually when this arises after a period of successful use it’s caused by worn carbon brushes.

Or, it might be low humidity.

Let us know at and we’ll do our best to assist.


I do not connect my laptop to its power supply during cutting. My laptop battery will last a couple of hours.

There are a lot of posts about grounding your machine on the forum. As it gets colder static increases from the spinning bit and moving air from dust collection
So grounding spindle and dc hose helps.

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Buying a semiconductive anti-static hose for the connection to the Shapeoko and grounding the wire in the hose was the biggest quickest win for me on disconnects.

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As mentioned, static will hurt our best-laid plans. This is what I did.

Grounding your Shapeoko - CNC Machines / Shapeoko - Carbide 3D Community Site

Did a couple easy things and fixed it. Ran a 18g copper wire along the dust hose, hung on screws that extend into the hose. So far so good.

Odd that I’ve run it for a couple Minnesota winters with no problem. We are near 0% humidity for months.

Static is the luck of the draw. The flooring in your shop can make a difference and if you humidify during the winter. If you live in Minnesota I am sure you have walked to the front door and gotten shocked by just walking. The rubber soles on most shoes insulate you. I lived in Alaska for 2 years and like Minnesota it gets cold. I hate walking up to a door and getting that awful shock. Mileage varies. My grandson was stationed at Minot AFB in North Dakota. The town is in a valley and very cold. When in Alaska the pilots from Minot came up to Alaska to warm up. Cold is cold when you live in the northern areas. Personally anything below 50 degrees F is cold so you can image the two years in Alaska were the coldest I have ever been on the forward deployed radar sites with -30 temperatures.

Yeah, it’s all perspective. I got to live near Houston for a couple years so I’m glad to be home in Northern Minnesota. Had to thaw a dumptruck to get it started today. Winter is a little early year.


Working on frozen trucks, I don’t miss that a bit. :cold_face: