Machine parameters are invalid error and machine coordinates are off

Hello folks Im at a loss here and need some help. I have emailed carbide support but they havent been much help yet. I have the nomad3, it connects, initializes, and measures tool without issues. The issue arises when I go to jog I get a “machine parameters are invalid error” and when I go to rapid to SW corner it takes the cutter to the middle of the table (-101.5, -101.5). I have tried using multiple computers and reinstalling carbide motion. I have also went into settings and send configuration waited for the busy sign to go away and turned the machine off and back on. The limit switches appear to be fine and no issue there. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this? Maybe reset machine parameters but how do I go about it? Thanks in advance

I’m not seeing an open ticket for you — could you let me know your e-mail address in a PM?

One thing which might be worth trying would be the new beta:

This might not be your problem but some people have accidentially set the stepper motor micro steps wrong and could not get a full jog. In the MDI interface you can send $$ and in the log will be the gbrl parameters you can check out what is being set.

You sound like you know how to send the configuration but just connect but do not initialize. Then go to settings and pick your machine in the first tab and send the config. You should get a confirmation of the sending of the config. Then initialize and see if that helps. Some times people forget to send the configuration. They get everything set but dont send.

Thanks for the quick responses folks. I have fixed the issue. Soon after I wrote this post I kept digging and ran across this post and followed the exact steps patofoto explains in the comments. The back of the machine had a calibration card and I just input the T/C into the Gcode and it fixed my issue. I now go to jog and no parameter errors pop up and the rapids word without a problem.

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