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I’ve never had this happen before so I’m a bit confused. At seemingly random points in a tool path, the router simply stops moving. It doesn’t raise up or anything, just stops. In Carbide Motion, I have the option to push Pause and then Stop but that doesn’t do anything. From there, my only option is to power off the Shapeoko (and the router of course). This has happened 3 time today with 2 different sets of G code.

My only guess is that my computer is having issues but I don’t have another one to try out. I just cut out a bunch of stuff the other day without issue. Carbide Motion doesn’t show any signs of being disconnected from the machine.

Another issue with this same file that confuses me: in the attached file, I have eight 0.5" circles. I highlight all of them and apply a pocketing tool path. For some reason, half of them are cut at the plunge speed and the other half get cut at the regular feed rate. Any idea what could cause that?

Thanks in advance.


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Usually this is EMI — write in to and let us know and we’ll walk you through an “air job” which hopefully will indicate how this should be handled.

I have the same issue. My gcode program is over 5700 lines long. About 10% thru the router stops, keeps running and all options are dimmed except to quit. No buttons even the quit button is not functional.Once it stopped moving, I hit the pause button. Message is “paused file transfer”
I’m thinking the Shapeoko controller is running out of memory. Not a clue.
This gcode program ran fine yesterday, but today it stops. Anyone: HELP

Thanks Will. I’ll write into support and see what happens tomorrow.

Do you think the different feed rates are related to that as well?


Move you power cable to the router as far as possible from the usb cable to prevent spikes

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Feeds and speeds would determine how hard the router works, and that would influence how much EMI was generated, so yes, potentially that could be the case — that said, for reasonable feed and speed rates, it shouldn’t be an issue.

I have the router cable heading off to the right side of the machine and the USB is off to the left so I think they’re as far as they can be.

Is the usb cable screened
@WillAdams while load can create issues for me it’s more of inductance of the ac onto the usb cable
Every time ac travels from plus to minus this traveling through zero nit creates a flux and can induct onto any metal object and creat voltage, this voltage is in my opinion creates the EMI onto the board and affects connectivity

Just my opinion I am not second guessing you sir

As Will mentioned EMI issues could be your issue. By following the attached, I was able to correct most of my issues.

Good luck

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