Macros & other short cut buttons

I found a post from more than a year ago asking about Macros, but of course the topic has been closed.

I’d love to see macros implemented on the MDI page as a set of buttons (maybe 6 or 10) that can be user assignable with G-Code.

The sort of thing I need to do is be able to remember/program several different start points.

I have a typical XYZ zero point at the front left, but have others I use regularly to machine off the front (end/side of pieces). I use MDI to get repeatable placements that than jogging and eyeballing it - I’m sure many others do the same.

Being able to send :
$H, followed by a G28 then set XY zero set XY to Zero
$H, set XYZ then G0 Xxxx Yxxx then set XY to zero again for multiple different points by clicking buttons would be really useful :blush:

I do this in UGS on another (much smaller) CNC and it works well. Having this in CM would be awesome!

I don’t mind having to press multiple buttons if needed, but having to type out long strings in to a computer mounted at eye level and set back a couple of feet is less than ideal.

I’d also like to see a “home” button on the run page so that at the end of a Vectric job (which sends it back left) I can send it to the back right instead of having to do to Jog, then Rapid positions and then click the back right button.

These are Quick Actions, and are on the Run page.


Thanks Michael, I totally missed the release of that! I’ll look in to it today.