Makita RT070XX with an ER16 Collet Chuck? Yup

Story TIme…

A long time ago… I raised my Shapeoko XY, and Z (rails) about 1.5625" (lol) inches. This was AWESOME because I run a lot of larger parts AND this ALSO meant that the Z would clear my 4th-Axis’ 4.0" (100mm) 4-Jaw, BUT this also meant that I could no longer reach my aluminum table.

When needed, I would place a 3/4" plywood on top of some 123 blocks…not great, but it worked; however, I longed for my beautiful ultra-flat aluminum table.

…then a few weeks ago I saw a post and @robgrz talking about a future ER(11?) collet on the Carbide3D router…and then a LIGHT BULB went off…and I started hunting…

What I found as the best solution was to buy and modify a C10 ER16 Collet Chuck. ($13.80 including shipping)

Next, cut it to size and then grind the C10 Straight Shank to fit my Makita 0.375" Collet.

How does it run(out)? Well as close to perfect there is…

(Yes I see that that cutter’s relief is ground wrong…hmmm)

Final Product: (Thanks Rob for the inspiration)


For folks who don’t have access to a lathe and the talent and skill to run things out as perfectly a possibility might be:

Note that this would limit speed to less than 16,000 RPM


It’s both beautiful and awful (but I assume the cutter deflects more than the extension so it’s OK)- nice work!



While the TIR on the cutter is about 0.0001" there is that BIG Moment Arm just tugging at those oh so tired (6000+ hrs) bearings…on that little Makita…

As an engineer, I am fully aware of its potential to cause a RUD, but it is mainly for making little boxes and silly signs…so the load can be very small…((If the programmer is awake)).


That’s just getting past the break-in period.


That Z axis mod is very fascinating. Could you elaborate more on what you did to extend the height and how successful it was?

I run into this problem all the time on my Nomad, and I have a slew of projects that would be possible on my Shapeoko if I had the necessary verticle clearance to be able to mount a rotary table and tailstock.

Let me be clear(er) the Z mod here so just so I can now reach my table, since I raised it (the Shapeoko Rails) using these lift plates: (I talked about them on the forum somewhere…I think I even posted the files)

They were designed to (a) be easy to made (b) Single side machining (note they need to be c’bored on the backside which did at my drill press), © do not require ANY cutting of the Shapeoko, but does require drilling/tapping of two holes…using the lift plates as the drill jig.)

Found it!


No tool (in my shop) is complete with a Pretty Storage Box.
So I remember what’s inside.

Some Felt to absorb the excess oil (yes, I do dip my tool in oil)

Laser engrave if you wonder (ORTUR Master 20)


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