Matching Wood Moulding

Hey there,

I am trying to match an existing moulding in an old house for a contractor.

These jobs don’t come too often otherwise I would purchase a planer/moulder. For this specific job the contractor only needs 2 LF. So, I thought instead of purchasing a couple $40-$80 router bits I would instead run the 2 lf piece on my Shapeoko XL. The only problem now is I have gotten away with only doing flat work on my machine. I am a noob when it comes to running z-axis jobs. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great!

What software and bit do you recommend and how would I go about setting this up?

Vcarve has a Moulding toolpath for just this reason. You just feed it a profile and a path (in your case, just a straight line) and it creates the toolpath.
You could do the same thing in something like Fusion 360 to make a solid model and generate toolpaths from that.


I took your picture into Inkscape and converted it to an svg. Then imported it into CC and deleted all the unnecessary parts. I then sized the profile to equal 3 inches from the top profile to the end. Hopefully you can use this for your carving.

Here is my c2d file also.

molding_profile_correct size.c2d (44 KB)

Perhaps others can help you cut this profile.

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Once one has the profile, it’s pretty simple to decide on which tool(s) you will use to cut out the shape, then draw in a series of lines at the appropriate spaces and set them to cut to the correct depths, see:

and for tooling:

Thank you for all the help and advice.

Guy, unfortunately, I came up with a blank file. I greatly appreciate your time and effort to go as far as to create a file. Perhaps I need to update on my end. Let me give that a shot!


Lets try again. I created it in v7 and if opened in v6 it will be blank. I just went and double clicked the file and it opened in v7. If it is blank make sure that I did not open v6. I have both v6 and v7 and until I went into apps and changed the default application for c2d files to open v7 v6 wold open and v7 files were blank.

molding_profile_correct size.c2d (44 KB)


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