Maximum speed shapeoko 3 XXL


I would like to know what is the maximum speed of movement of the router without cutting. Only the movement between two pieces of wood for example.

Thank you :=)


Hey Bobi, the max rate for the shapeoko 3 XXL is 10,000 mm/min for X and Y, 1,000 mm/min for Z

On second thought, it kind of depends on what Z axis you have, 1,000 mm/min for the Z plus and 5,000 mm/min for the belt drive

The maximum feedrates are defined by your $$ settings.
$110, $111, & $112
You can always change them, but you’d want to test if you’re trying to max them out.

For more on changing these see:

Hi everyone,

Thanks a lot for your answers !
I will try soon :slight_smile:

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