MC Etcher 90 first cut

My MC Etcher 90 arrived today so I had to do a simple cut to see how it works. I cleaned up and imported an appropriate SVG into Carbide Create and created a no offset contour toolpath from it. Feed speed was 45ipm, 0 RPM of course, material might be Lexan (just a piece from my scrap pile).

Freshly engraved:

Held up to a LED strip light:

The nice thing about the drag bit is no router noise, the Shapeoko 3 is really quiet with no router/vacuum going!


Very cool optical delusion. :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It seemed like the right sort of design based on the name of the bit:

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Looks good! After the tip touched the lexan how much more did you lower Z so as to put pressure on the tip?

I lowered it enough that a piece of paper under the tip was firmly stuck, then lowered it another 0.25mm for extra pressure. That seemed to work good for this material even with my very messy/lumpy spoilboard.


I saw on the Carbide video it has an adjustment screw in the end for pressure adjustment. Is this true?

Yes, the non-pointy end has a hex screw that adjusts the tension. It turns easily using one of the small hex wrenches that came with the Shapeoko 3. Probably not a bad idea to regularly check the tension in case the screw works its way loose over time.


I got a chance to try the new 90 degree MC Etcher bit on Stainless Steel this morning, amazing results. The picture does not do it justice.

Edit: replaced image with corrections


That looks amazing! What material is that? I’m going to save my pennies for an Etcher or two.

The flag is etched in 304 stainless steel.

I’ve uploaded the c2d file to CutRocket if anyone wants to try it.


Impressive cutting! I’ve not tried stainless, but this is encouraging!
As a side note, your flag has 4 too many stars… might want to take a look at Wikipedia to see the proper arrangement (unless this was intentional).
Thanks for the post!


Thank you very much for the heads up on that. I’ll make the corrections.

stainless steel flag.c2d (1.5 MB)

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Maybe he’s foreshadowing something we don’t know yet! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha, I had to look it up to make sure we had not annexed anything that I was unaware of! :joy:

Thanks for the flag file! Just tried my first drag with the same 90deg MC Etcher, but on some scrap aluminum.

Pretty cool!


:+1: Happy to share!

While not in stainless, I did do a conversion of the flag from Wikimedia at:

and we now have a variety of U.S. flags available in the new beta of Carbide Create:

which are linked in from: