MC Etcher - can you cross a previous mark?

For example, if I wanted to make a center mark ("+") on a piece of material, could I drag one line and then another that crosses through the middle of the first? Or does that put undesirable stresses on the diamond or rest of the tool when it crosses the first engraved line?


The Engraving toolpath specifically has an option for this, so it should be fine.

That said, I suspect you’d get a better result if you came down at the four outer points and dragged towards the center — might be necessary to cross it to ensure that any deflection of the tool is made up for.

Ah, good. Seems like it would be a pain to program toolpaths not to cross, including on letters, several of which have T-shaped intersections that might end up crossing the end of a previous mark.

I have no Engraving tootlpath. Contour (with no offset) seems to be the only one that makes sense in Carbide Create (build 530).

Then Engraving toolpath is a Carbide Create Pro feature.

I used both Contour and Texture toolpaths w/ my MC Etcher when I used it in a project:

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