Memorial Day Project: Flag Case

(William Adams) #1

I’ve been working on this off-and-on for a while now, and have pretty much resolved everything:

Remaining adjustments are to put in chamfers to allow the tenons to fit despite being cut with a round (or maybe ball) endmill.

One thing I’m curious of, is if small endmills are available with less acute angles — I’d like to find some 1/8" endmills with more obtuse angles than the 90 which is the least acute angle I can find.

Nomad 883 Lithophane Fun
(William Adams) #2

I believe I have all the chamfers place appropriately:

It ought to allow one to just clamp three pieces of wood in sequence, cut with a 1/8" endmill, and then should fit together with minimal tweaking.

Next up:

  • sorting out feeds and speeds on a Shapeoko for a 1/8" endmill in various hardwoods (first up red oak, then some rosewood, then some sapele)
  • doing CAM in MeshCAM — really wish using Carbide Create for this was an option (did put in a feature request which ought to make that possible)
  • using Carbide Create to make a fixture to hold it nicely centered
  • re-working the design for an Art Deco version cut in pieces which will fit on a Nomad (did I mention I need to make 2? And anyway, one might as well make 2, since that would allow cutting the glass to a square, then cutting that in half)

(William Adams) #3

Nomad version should be easy to make with small sections — just add pockets for extension pieces, then cut narrower pieces to fit.

(Dan Nelson) #4

Great project Will and good timing as well. I’m looking to make something like this in the near future as I’ve got my fathers flag, which was in a cedar chest for 35 years and has now been on a shelf since I became owner after my mother passed a couple years ago. I need a good way to box it up, and to make something myself would just feel right. I’ll be following!


(Justin Alexander) #5

So did you by chance finish this?

(William Adams) #6

Nope, hopefully this year.

(Dan Nelson) #7

Yes and no. My wife bought me a flag case as a gift before I ever had a chance to make one. I had really wanted to make it myself, but the one she bought me is really great and I didn’t go out and buy it myself, so it’s perfectly acceptable in my mind. I have it displayed on a shelf in my man cave along with my fathers slide rule, my great grandfathers pocket watch, a China serving dish of my grandmothers, my mother’s reading glasses and some photos of my two oldest sons. It’s my shelf of “Things that matter if a natural disaster strikes”, get the family out, get dog and cat out, then grab everything off the shelf and let insurance replace the rest.