Metal Chip Blowing Solution

I’m trying to figure out something to blow aluminum chips. I’m not sure what I need exactly. I already have 3 air compressors, but they all have major downsides. One is massive 60gallon and needs a 220v dryer outlet, another is a pancake style compressor and probably puts out 110db, I have a small one that reads 80db which I could stick in a closet and just run an air hose but it’s not in very good shape and is slow to pump.

I’m hesitant to buy a new one because I already have so many compressors and it’s also a decent sized expense :sweat_smile:

I’m not sure if it’s possible to focus the air from a blower down into a small nozzle like this I think it might not work well.

What kind of setups are you guys running?

Here’s a carbide video. I actually use an airbrush compressor that does the job, is quiet, has a 5 yr warranty, and is under 100 with a regulator. Adding Air Blast to a CNC Router - YouTube


I have a Campbell Hausfeld air compressor that is kind of loud as well. I run a 90 or 100 PSI line form the compressor to a second regulator setup right near my SO3. That way, I can run full pressure for air tools, and also tee it off the to the regulator where I regulate it down to ~20 PSI, then use one of the inexpensive air blast setups and 99% IPA when I am cutting aluminum. The compressor comes on every 5-8 minutes for a minute or so, then shuts off again. It works well.

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I use an airbrush (compressor + airbrush itself), see


You don’t need a lot of air (you don’t want it blowing chips all over your shop). I use this air mister and it works quite well. It’s hooked up to my 4.5 gallon “quiet compressor”. I have an inline regulator to control it just for that output.

To answer your question though - I think using a blower to clear chips is probably not a good idea. I’m sure you could figure it out - but that’s really what an air compressor is meant for, steady stream of directed air.

If you’re worried about noise in your shop - it sounds like you have a few compressors that are maybe not ideal and it would be worth the upgrade. I picked up this Husky last fall and have been really happy with it.

I moved my compressor just outside my garage many years ago. I built a small “shed” out of grey corrugate pvc roofing panels to keep it sheltered and punched a hole in the brick for the airline to come in. I had a 30 gallon out there for about 12 years, but I finally got tired of how dang loud it was, even outside. The new quiet compressor is a dream and completely worth the cost, IMO.

(I also wired it into a timer, added an auto tank purge drain, and a refrigerated air dryer, but that’s for a different post :slight_smile: )

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