Milling Vice for Nomad 883

What is the vise being used in this video?

Are there other Nomad 883 compatible vise devices for sale somewhere?

How about something that could hold wood down, like a clamp. Google is showing me such devices but they are for tables that have a slot/groove in them.

We’ve been told the vise in the video is being reproduced by Carbide 3D. It should be up for sale on their website sometime after they complete the shipping of all Kickstarter Nomad mills. Check this link Milling Vise Recommendations? for more information from Rob.

I’ve created some plastic covers for the plates on the vice that should act as sacrificial pieces - if the cutter is getting too close to the vice, the blades will start putting out black plastic threads, instead of aluminum ones…
(Assuming you can get to a 3-d printer, otherwise, you can “order out” at shapeways or via Thingiverse’s new “anything anywhere” program.)

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