Missing Parts in Kit

I have been lurking for awhile wanting to pull the trigger on buying the Shapeoko - basically waiting to see if or when the tough probe was going to become available again. When it did, I also ordered the standard Shapeoko 3 from 3rd party distributor last weekend solely because the difference in shipping/taxes charged I ended up saving ~$50 instead of buying directly from Carbide3D. I received a ~70lb box on Wednesday. Then on Friday, I received another ~70lb box. I thought that was weird since I only purchased the standard size. I realized today as I was building that the second box was a mistake and confirmed it with my bank account that only one was charged to me. :smile:

But as I was building my first cnc machine, I came across some questionable issues with parts - specifically damaged or missing. One of the first steps was to install the leveling feet. Three out of four feet were bent. Got past this issue, but then got to the part of routing the belt through the clips and realized i didn’t have belts in my kit. So now I am stuck with no belts.

Not being able to avoid temptation, I opened the second box and discovered it was missing its belts as well. So unless someone has gotten real creative in hiding these belts somewhere else in the box, they are not inside the box that contains all of the hardware/screws/controller/etc.

So is this an issue with the kits or the 3rd party distributor? I have two kits here without belts and the issue I had with the touch probe, I am starting to think someone doesn’t want me to have a cnc machine… :slight_smile:

We may have had a timeframe where we were out of belts, and shipping machines so as to not fall behind, and shipping belts later when available (or maybe someone didn’t bother to put belts in both boxes).

Let us know at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll send you a set of belts.


Thanks - sent an email to support with my information.

I hope there are belts available?

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