Model Rocket Fin Placement Jig

For model rocketry enthusiasts. Attached is an exported pdf of a set of jigs used to align/glue fins on model rocket tubes. Drawn in Vectric, exported to svg for use in Create or other gcode generating software. I’m making these tonight out of reclaimed .7" laminated cabinet material, material available in any home center. Additional supplies needed include (2) 1/16" x 3’ angle aluminum, (4) 1/4"id 1/2"od plastic bushings, (4) 1/4" x 1-1/2" hex head bolts, (4) threaded inserts, (4) thumbscrews.

Please ignore my messy shop.

IMG_0497 IMG_0499
![Fin Jig 2|573x500](upload://mRO8D4
Guillotine Rocket Fin Jig|333x500

Guillotine Rocket Fin Jig.pdf (1.7 MB)


Do we get to see pictures of the rockets too?

LOL. Just getting back into the hobby. Last time I built a rocket I was a teenager, with little cash. Now I’m a grandpa with lots of toys and some time, wanting to re-experience the fun with my little ones. Jig first, rocket 2nd.


I’ve been a big fan of BPS Space for a while now, watching somebody face and solve all the challenges of being a one-man Space X is inspiring to go do something more challenging yourself.

Oh my, that’s very cool! I just checked it out and had no idea anyone was doing this sort of thing. Great idea.