More Carbide Motion bugs

I posted recently about a bunch of problems I encountered with Carbide Motion (Carbide Motion problems and bugs (Nomad 3) - #4 by wmoy and I really hope something is getting done about those problems, it seems like there is silence in the ether).

Here are two more that happened a couple of days ago:

  • After a stopped job (clicked the “Stop job” button): Rapid to current XY doesn’t work, stuck in the jog screen, can’t go back to “Run” again, need to restart CM.

  • Clicking pause right after tool length measurement (that’s on a Nomad 3) resulted in paused job, but spindle did not stop as expected.

I really really think CM would benefit from some additional testing at Carbide3D. The issues I hit are pretty basic — do anything out of the most common flow and bad things start to happen. Please, Carbide3D, invest a little more in testing Carbide Motion.

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