Revisiting Carbide Motion bugs

A while ago (Dec 2021) I posted a list of bugs/issues with Carbide Motion (Carbide Motion problems and bugs (Nomad 3) and More Carbide Motion bugs) and I’ve been wondering about progress, as I keep running into problem #1 there (tool change being impossible because the machine stops for tool changes right in the middle of my tall stock).

I learned to work around some problems (for example, I never use the on-screen buttons to jog, because they often jog too far, crashing into stock), I learned to stop breathing when using Carbide Motion, and only follow the “standard” path so as to avoid some of the other issues, but I can’t avoid the tool change problem.

I have to admit it’s somewhat frustrating to read about fancy gimmicks (like visualization?) being worked on, while I struggle with essentials…

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