More than one "Roughing" pass.?

Carbide Create pro,
Maybe more than one Roughing pass?
Ran across this recently, I was cutting a 2.5d image into wood.
material, pine, 1.456" thick and a 4"x6" cutting area.
The project was set with a 0.25" relief height (1.2" base).
Using a .25" flat bit for the roughing left some areas that were full height because the .25 cutter would not fit. On the first finish pass I ran a .125" flat bit (0 flute). Now, because the 1/8 would fit through the tighter areas, it went through at Base height (1.2" z from table) through the 0.256" areas as well. … it did the same with each following/smaller diameter bit, just to lesser areas.
I intend to cut much larger 2.5d projects (xxl) and it would be nice to do like a 1" bit for major material removal and then step down in bit size while still in Roughing with the specific amount of material left and then switch to “Finish” paths/bits/angles @ 0 material remaining…?

fwiw, it is a freud “0” flute 1/4 shank 1/8" flat cutter. Makes a bit of sound when cutting .256" with full engagement. no lost steps though.


This is known as “Rest” machining, and at this time, Carbide Create doesn’t support it.

One can do one 3D roughing pass w/ a suitably large tool, then successive 3D finishing passes w/ smaller tools though to much the same effect.

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were you using a pocket toolpath or a 3D toolpath?
(you mention 2.5d image so… not sure what you mean exactly)


Carbide Create Pro, Modeling for 3D toolpath or 2.5d whichever you prefer, grayscale height.
(not a pocket operation)

that is the process I described above, maybe I mis-wrote it?.. 1/4"bit for roughing, 1/8th bit for first finish path? and same effect.

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