More wands, Voldermort and Harry's

I used my S3 to do a two sided carve of Harry and Voldemorts wands from the STL files on thingiverse. Harry’s wand is red oak and roughly 12 inches long. Voldemorts is laminated birch and about 13 inches long. Both wands i finished with light painting and india ink to color.


Very nice!

Wands are addictive. Another forum member made some really nice ones recently as well.

In case you haven’t seen his:

I’ve spun half a dozen or so on my wood lathe, but the ones you guys are doing are a whole different level. Coolness!


I did, they are very nice. I’m trying to take the blanks left over from the cut and turn those into custom fitted boxes, but that’s for another day.

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How dare you speak Voldemorts 's name. Please refer to him “He Who Cannot Be Named” :slight_smile: