Motion and Proble problem

Hi! I can’t get the C3D probe to work on my Shapeoko 3xl and latest build of Motion.
Turn everything on
check to see if the probe grounds. Looks ok.
Initialize - ok
load job - ok
place probe in the left front corner of stock
jog bit to withing 1/4" of target circle
click Probe
Router moves ~10mm to the left and then throws an error

Yeah, this sux.

Anyone ever run into this/have an idea?

Which probe type are you choosing? What version of the BitZero do you have?

The first answer always makes me feel like a dunce.

I’m using the probe that came with the machine (used). No idea about BitZero. If that’s a software product is probably isn’t installed, unless it comes with Motion.

How’s that?

In CM, when you say ‘Probe’, it asks what kind of probe you want to do - Edge, Corner, etc. Which one are you choosing?

The BitZero is the hardware probe from Carbide. If it looks like this:

You have a version 2.

…And if this doesn’t make much sense, then a photo of your setup would be useful.

I’m sorry, Mike, but I have just lost the last ounce of confidence I had, that this board is actually a valuable resource.

My problem is real. Considering this, and my last thread on a problem I had, there’s no point in continuing this discussion. I feel like I just being jerked around.

I’m abandoning this thread. I’ll arrange for a call from support, instead.

We can’t see your machine. If you want people to provide solutions, they need to understand the problem. Your first description was insufficient, that’s why the questions.

Nobody is “jerking you around”.

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It sound like you’ve selected the wrong probe model in Motion. Does your probe look like this?

It sounds to me that you don’t have the bit in the target hole. Are you starting with it above the bitzero. I get an error if I have it too high when just z probing . I had an error early on when I forgot to put the bit in hole before edge probing.

The probing cycle does x and y by finding the edges inside the hole first. And then raises up and moves over to probe z


If it looks like the first image shown, the probe must go into the hole. Just below the lip of the metal base before you tell it to probe.

It sounds as if you have a v1 BitZero:

but have configured for a v2 BitZero:

Please check that the unit you have selected in Carbide Motion matches what you have.


for more details.

If you continue to have difficulties, please send photos showing what you have and how it is wired up to and we’ll do our best to work through this w/ you.

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