Moving from carbide create to vcarve

Considering a move from carbide create v530 to vcarve desktop. I know I’m not alone, but asking what quirks I may encounter . I like carbide create, but some options in vcarve are desired that are not in carbide create v530. Plan on using the carbide motion as a post processor. Read some regarding issues with bit setter, tool catalog, tool bit change pausing. Knowing this is not new, is there a verbose topic on this? Just trying to avoid a mess. If there is a preferred post processor, this would be helpful also. Tom

I wrote a bit about this sort of thing at:

and see:

I suggest you go with @neilferreri 's post for VCarve, Vectric support is apparently providing it to Shapeoko users anyway, and many many folks here use it.

You can go and read that entire thread too for the “verbose” part, but it all boils down to using that post and generating Gcode in mm rather than inches, for better precision and for dodging precision/rounding-related issues in arcs.

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I use @neilferreri 's Vectric post-processor, and also adapted it for rotational A-axis work. I’ve not seen better.
I have both the tool change and non too-change versions (don’t have a Bitsetter, but another machine I have is easier to use if all paths are output as a single file).

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