Moving on to STL designs?

I have a friend who does pencil drawings and having watched people say they take artists drawings and cut them on their CNC, foolishly I have been trying to do the same. Spent the last two weeks ??learning?? Fusion360 to at least some level, but it does not seems to translate to importing into CCPro. I’m saving/exporting/3D printing to the application CCPro, but some and never all of the design comes into the MODEL/STL section of CCPro.
Can this work to create 3D?
Has anyone else done this?
I did a search on this forum, but an old link that might shed some light, no longer is available.

Also, am I blowing smoke and maybe there is a better/easier/more-intuitive way to make the 3D STL file for CCPro?

At this point, I think I’m just asking for a friend. :face_exhaling:

For a drawing, why not just trace it?

If you’ll post the problematic link we will try to look into this with you.

I have traced it but the shadowing she used doesn’t seem to pick up very well. I can get the major outline, but the details seem to not come into the design.

Those are drawings with shading — if you scan them at a very high resolution you could get a b/w version which would allow cutting just the black areas after tracing.

Or, you could scan them in greyscale and then cut as a halftone:

If you want a 3D design/model, have the artist create a 3D shape using a tool such as Blender or Sculptris.

Appreciate the responses. I’ll see what I might be able to do, but the “artist” is a 16 year old who draws and doesn’t do computers.


Took the above file to the halftone generator and created an SVG file. Imported it into CC and while it took about 2 mins. to load it finally came in and I selected it all; went to toolpath; used adv. vcarve and selected at 90v bit to carve.
CC attenpted two different times to do the calulation but when it reached 33.3%, both times, CC blew out and closed the program.

Not sure what is going on.
Here is the SVG.
lion halftone-svg

That is because you are trying to cut a halftone of a low resolution photograph of the drawing, rather than a high-resolution scan.

If you don’t want the design to look like the photograph, use a different original.

OK. I give up. I don’t know what I want it to look like but started trying to make/get a 3D to cut into wood, but it must just be too difficult for my knowledge.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

If it dies at 33%, try machining 1/4 of the circles at a time. Use the regular V-Carve too. Not Advanced. No clearing needed.