My Carbide Create suggestions

I’m really happy to see start depth on milling in the new version, that was always annoying seeing it mill air for awhile for some jobs. I had a few things not addressed elsewhere and I thought I’d collect my thoughts. These are a few things I think detract from the software, some would be bugs but none seem like a big deal to fix. Then a few things I think would really add to the software that likewise seem like simple additions. With any luck perhaps they’ll be addressed over the coming weeks especially if Carbide3D is trying to expand the userbase.

Awkward things I think detract from the experience:

  • When doing a Save As it would be nice if it started in the folder the opened file is in
  • When adding a V carve bit a diagram indicating the angle to enter would help prevent user error since the requested value is NOT how they’re commonly sold
  • When editing a tool’s speed the stepover value resets to a calculated value even if you changed it previously, very easy to overwrite custom settings
  • When changing tooling settings the Save/Save As links do not turn Red, as they do when you make a design change

Simple suggestions I think would help a lot:

  • Dragging the design view by holding the right mouse button and dragging
  • Allow climb milling by adding 2 more tooling options that goes in the reverse direction (ie Outside / Left and Inside / Right)
  • Add a New button to the main menu that clears the screen contents

Thanks Dan. We’re keeping an internal todo list so we appreciate the feedback.


@robgrz, I’ve mentioned this before in other threads, but I really think it would be helpful to implement some sort of bug reporting system. Especially now, with CC going available for non Carbide 3D machine users, (hopefully) you will see many more folks using the software. However, I would think that could come at a price of repetitive bug reporting, wasted time, potential lower reputation for your fine company, etc.

A bug report section here in the forum, or in some other venue, would give users the ability to (a) report bugs, (b) see the status of bugs reported, © avoid reporting already known issues.


In addition, there’s always the chance that more resources will have to be dedicated to user software support and less to development.

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I don’t think we’re ready for public bug tracking and roadmaps yet for exactly the reasons that @Boothecus mentioned (plus a few others).

Right now, we have a pretty good idea about what the top 3-5 requests are and maybe 2-3 things that we think will be a big hit. That really forms the basis of the internal todo list that we’re working toward.

If anyone has a request or a bug report, send us an email and we’ll take a look.


Not to hijack this thread, but my thoughts are as follows:

  • Multi-line text. Make the text input a text field that accommodates new lines. Ability to scale by a “font size” would be nice too, as setting width-height dimensions for text is unnatural.
  • When tabbing to the next input field in design mode, highlight all text so you can quickly overwrite it with a new entry. Makes it way faster to key in values.
  • Allow a couple more digits in the numerical entry fields. I shouldn’t have to delete a zero to change “1.500” to “1.750” because the program can’t handle “1.7500”. Just truncate it later!

Edit: Please hold while I confirm these are still valid complaints. CC just died on my PC. Splash screen loads, then nothing shows up. Doing a complete reinstall…

Edit 2: First point removed, as it has been addressed. I lost track of which computer has which version installed (I have 4 computers), and my main PC did not indicate it had an update pending. That being said, CC is now broken on that machine.

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  • Allow applying new input when hitting enter. For instances, when changing sizes and position
  • Remove the drawing that appears when open the software. It is not useful and sometime annoying
  • Provide tabs
  • When adding a shape, allow dragging from the corner and not from the center
  • Provide options to close vectors
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Actually, you can close open paths.

You can close a toolpath in CC (after the fact) by using the line or curve tool to connect two end points. Then highlight and use the join feature.

If I paste a number that’s longer than you allow in an input, crop it instead of rejecting the paste.

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When showing the summary in the dropdown for tool selection, show the angle for V bits not the cutting width

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From the blog: “You can pan only by holding down the right mouse button and dragging. Note that you cannot begin a pan if the mouse cursor is on top of any item.”


  1. Allow the import of multiple SVGs in one canvas. Opening SVGs should NOT clear your design canvas. How else can I add multiple custom elements without first moving all of them into a single SVG in Inkscape? Also, one time I was setting up some text, then wanted to add a graphic. Ended up erasing all my text setup. Not even MakerCAM does this.
  2. Stop auto-aligning imported SVGs so the bounding box is touching the X and Y axes. I specifically positioned my sketch in Inkscape such that it would be aligned with CC’s origin point, only to have the SVG repositioned. #SeriouslyFrustrating
  3. Tabs…
  4. If you want to get really fancy, allow pasting of elements between sessions. I know, this will force you to break your “CTRL+C” = insta-copy convention and make you adopt the typical convention of CTRL+C, followed by CTRL+V… but I kind of like that better.
  5. Better tool library management.
  6. Also, when you duplicate text, the new text become selected. I should be able to directly change the text after I drag the new copy into place. Instead, I need to deselect the text, then reselect it.
  7. Also, Text should update dynamically, instead of requiring you to hit ‘Apply’.

Saw the importing of SVGs without clearing the design made it into the latest release. Already used it twice.


You’ve got tabs now:


Thanks, that is great news!

Wow thats really big news will.thanks for sharing.@willadams how can we get them to update the vector library in cc?

Ask at — no promises, but that seems to me the best way for us to track feature requests.

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I don’t understand what’s happening.This is so much progress in so little time. Did someone lock the dev team in the office and refuse to let them out until all the features are done? Are they okay? Should we send cookies or something?


I was thinking the same thing. They have been banging out some updates lately.


What next!?!?! The touch plate release!!!

I’m being faceious, but that last CC update is very nice. Now, lets get and “advanced mode” in CM to act more like a CNC. Keep a “Intermediate” level as-is. :slight_smile: