My first project - Chess Board Vee Carve

This was my first design and first cut with a cnc.
Simple design of my business logo.
The board is resin.
Along with the logo, i did rank and file on the boarder.
The Shapeoko 5 has changed things for the better dramatically. Thanks to all those who post. Im learning a lot through my reading here.
Thanks for your time.

(Rank and File done before the flood coat)


Chessboard has been high on my list of projects I would like toke on. Been playing a lot lately, maybe I should stop playing so I have time to make something to play on? Great work!


Thank you. I can be pretty obsessed with playing. Online is a good time. Id love to see what you come up with if that comes to fruition.

I play online too.… im pretty terrible. But getting better. Im ok in longer games, the day or 3 day games… i am downright horrible at anything 10 minutes or less.

I play 3 or 5 minute games on that site.

My brain just cannot process chess at that speed. Sometimes i do it just to see games and traps, patterns etc. But im no good.

I wish more people played. Im making a wall mount board. Id love to get them into some pubs.

That gives me some ideas. I like it, the wall mount boards would be fun to make.

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Im about to start a new one, ill post here when im done if youd like to see it. This S5 is incredible. So many ideas coming to fruition!

Yeah id love to see it. I wonder how many chess players are on here in the shapeoko forum?

I wonder if you could embed something like proximity switches in a physical board and within the pieces themselves, and havethe location info from the proximity switches get fed to a wall board that automaticaly updates. That would be a fun project.

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Go on…
What is this idea? Could you explain more please.

This would require a way to ID each chess piece, as well as its location.

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What the heck!! More sleepless nights dreaming of projects haha.
Thanks for the information and your time everyone!
I guess i need one ongoing project and this would be a sick one to accomplish.
Giddy up

This was not good for me to see @WillAdams, ill end up tying my brain up for weeks on this project instead of all those things I need to do.

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Can you tell us a little bit about what you did or how you made it I can’t tell if you just did VCarve Wiener if you put pieces together to paint it I don’t see what happens here besides a logo logos easy unless you had a premade Jasper just put the logo in?

Well the chess board was poured into a silicon mold. Each square done, copper and bronze. Then a boarder poured, silver grey Then flipped over and the lines filled in in clear resin. Then i designed my logo. First time using CC or any cnc for that matter. After, i designed it i put a vee bit on and let it do its thing. You’re right it is just an easy logo, the machine does all the work haha. I have a new co-worker it seems haha.
Thanks for the questions

I worked in a large corporation years ago and a couple of the Engineer types hung a paper chess board on the wall. Each of these guys were pretty competent Chess Players.SO, their games were a little different. They were set up to make ONE ONLY move on the board per day, so every other work day one would make their move. Their play got a LOT of attention. It also caused a lot of tension in the players. They stated that sometimes they would wake up at night, sitting up, trying to determine their move for the day. I’m sure they ran their moves through their heads many, many times before they did the actual move.

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Oh yeah, itll do that! I started playing 3 months ago on a whim, and its kind of like CNC… it will draw you in and consume your thoughts if you let it. Ive got to build a board…

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Chess is addictive in many ways. From playing, to making Boards and Material. I play enough to know if im having a good concentration day or not haha.
It helps organize your thoughts i believe.
With spring here, i can get to my rock pile and continue some rock boards. Heres an example of a resin and stone board, in concrete with a wood boarder i made recently.
The cnc will open a new world of boards for me.