My shapeoko xl keeps stopping mid cut

My shapeoko keep stopping mid cut. I have to stop shut it down and reboot and restart the cut to make it hopefully finish it.

I think I have a major over heat issue with my x axis motor for some reason. as I touched the other 3 and they were warm but not to warm but the x axis was extremely hot

you might have your v-wheels adjusted too tight causing it to work harder.

I just adjusted them so will run my next program and see if that fixed it. they weren’t very tight

double check the belt tension as well

I did the belt is on the mid to light end

Please check all the motor wiring and connectors.

The X-axis motor gets a bit warmer than the others since it’s not bolted to a metal plate to act as a heat sink.

Let us know what you find out, and if you continue to have concerns please let us know the specifics at

I have checked the wiring all solid but I think it’s actually a control board issue now as I think that maybe getting to hot as I am doing 1-3 hour projects and it locks up at the end of each of them. Usually and the full depth cuts. I used compress air and a fan to keep the x axis motor cool and it was the coolest of the 4 on it. The others where not very hot. What I have is the zplus as well as the bit setter and the bit probe. If that helps any. I also live in AZ where it is still 100f or so today and it is in a non ac garage but I was running large projects in 120+ with no issues.

I was having same problem and I found my vacuum not grounded please check all anti static work it fixed my problem at all

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When it “stops”, does Carbide Motion still report as being connected?
If Carbide Motion is no longer reporting a connection, then I suspect you are running into static buildup. Read a post by @LiamN about Grounding your Shapeoko.

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I have run several 12 hour jobs and my motors on the XXL are warm to the touch but equally hot/warm even after a 12 hour run. Sounds like you have tried trouble shooting but be sure to check the X axis by moving the gantry with power off and not too fast from front to back slowly and it should move smoothly all the way. I have found that in the working area of the Y rails I have had buildup of sawdust on the V wheels and on the rails. I use a 3m white finishing pad to clean the gunk off. The white pad will not scratch the rails and I have used a stiff nylon brush to clean the v wheels. To adjust the v wheels use an allen in the eccentric and feel the wheel and adjust the allen until the wheel just stops moving easily. Hold the allen steady and tighten the nut with a wrench. If you tighten with the allen you will over tighten the v wheel.

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