My SO3xxl Gave Birth To A Full Size Cow

Hello Everyone,

Let me introduce you to “Ermintrude”, she has just been given birth to on my SO3XXL it was a long deliver took about 3 weeks.

she is literally a fullsize com :slight_smile: the meter rule above the head should give you idea of overall scale

Wood was 18mm Hardwood with 3mm thick hardwood segments.

painted black, and then epoxy resin poured into the names extrudes.

This is to go on the wall at a BBQ smokehouse in Scotland, brief was full size Cow sowing the cuts of beef (if anyone is interested in the full workflow Design Implementation / finishing, i will be happy to do a full write up)

this is the biggest thing i have done thus far on my SO3, (for now) i have a pig to do then a huge sign that needs the tiling techniques so for now very very happy with the result.



Well done!

Pun intended.

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great work ! did you just pour the epoxy resin very carefully inside the letters, and if so how do you manage to get an even depth across all letters ?

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Very tastefully dun!


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that is a Rare piece, nicely done

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I used a syringe 10ml and a steady hand after doing some tests the resin sort of bulges / dams up against the edge I found when it did that I could move further down the letter, pumping reading back into its self

Took a bit of practice but one I got the feel for it this technique worked really well I have a video of what I mean I will upload it as a it is a bit hard to describe.



ok, a video will be great ! I usually pour and overflow and resurface the excess with an endmill, but I’m willing to try any method that requires less cleanup.


@Julien here you go sorry about soundtrack I love music while I work any questions please let me know Epoxy with serynge


nicely done, thanks. I’ll give that a try when I have features that are large enough (for the V-carved stuff I do with epoxy resin, and given my clumsy hands, this approach probably won’t work for me)

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No Bull, that cow cuts it !!!

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Would you be willing to share or post the paths? No way I want a life size one but my wife would get a kick out of a smaller one.

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Hi Sherpa,

What was the purable epoxy you used please?

Hi Chris,

Welcome to the community!!

I used Casting epoxy resin for this project i normally use standard epoxy, but thought i would try this was good but i felt that the casting resin left streaks (possibly because i was not using it right ) but got used to it before the COW pour.

Resin From my trusted company (UK) they are amazing!

any questions please ask

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Good Evening @jkread

Sorry for delay in getting back to you been busy with work. I actually paid to have the artwork created for this design, and am in the process of revamping the toolpaths with the aim of putting them up for sale, as i have had a large amount of interest in it. So i am afraid on this occasion i cant share them (but happy to give a discount once they are ready to be sold!)

Sorry i feel bad but i hope you understand.

Kind Regards

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