Hardcore Aluminum milling on an S3

The day we need to worry about temperature differences while measuring parts cut with a shapeoko is a great day! Ideal goals are within ±0.0005 for a surface deck.

It was fulfilling seeing the gauge ride 0.0000 in the X direction. Question now is…shim the mount or attempt a rail adjustment

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wait a second, the original post today include an extra 0?

measurement is better than goals right now. also reason I mentioned temps…

Sorry typ0

0.001 due to tram being out, x was ±0.0005

I’m feeling you there, gotta put together an inspection station with a granite slab and height gauge. Would be super cool to make a diy CMM


So today I made a cow in wood… Then found this thread, a bloody cow… Lol

Thanks for showing me that my SO3 is capable of so much. I just need to have a quiet word with myself about doing something to stretch me and my machine.

One question I have, would you say that you are in the red or black finance wise on this workload if you totted up buying the custom parts etc, verses making them, appreciating the personal development / enjoyment is obviously priceless. Would be interested to know



To be fair, somebody might pay good money for a cow lol. And actually imo wood can be harder to machine.

I’m a Fabricator and the cncs have changed my life and allowed me to go in any direction I choose if I put in the work. From starting from zero cnc and cad, the shapeoko has been by my side the whole time. It pumps out custom parts that are not available and or cost effective to have a real machine shop make in the quantities I need.

Take this project for example. It’s an Evo 9 RS, customer has a clear idea of his goals and an open checkbook (with fair compensation in mind). It currently has over 25 custom individual one off cnc pieces. It is also going to receive one of my dual plenums. This project alone would pay for all my cnc equipment by itself.

It’s not even red or black. It’s a source of freedom for someone that relies on being a Maker for a living. Technology is the great equalizer they say. And if I can do it, anybody can.

Its not just a cow, its making something from nothing. And I respect that :slightly_smiling_face:


@Vince.Fab i appreciate your kind worlds, and could not agree more with the something from nothing statement, the most satisfaction i get from post like yours and doing jobs myself is seeing how people go from square flat things to spanners, seats, box’s etc

my cow is over here for a giggle SO3xxl gave birth to a cow!

thanks for giving me the boost i needed to not be afraid of anything not wood!


That’s an awesome project! Came out very good with the paint and epoxy work too.

Ideas to reality
Not an engineer, but I have a PhD in Imagineering :grin:

S3 Pro edition development

Waiting on new 9mm upgrade belts. This is 100% bolt on, 100% carbide motion compatible.


Can you easily tram it from the front so you don’t have to take it apart to adjust the level?

Trams in exactly like stock. You use the stock rear mount access holes but it would be possible to add slots instead of holes. Bolts with Nordlock washers.

Also just want to add that this was drawn completely from scratch without the use of any other files to copy dimensions. This cad stuff is pretty nifty! However I messed up with the bowtie shape and it needs to be square to hit the stock limit switches.

Also cut 100% on a modded shapeoko cause machines upgrading themselves is the coolest thing ever.


It would be easy enough to mill out your own tram plate as well.


Tram plate? What do you mean by that?

something like this;

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It is a plate where the router mount attaches that can easily be adjusted for squareness with eccentric screws from the front so you do not have to remove the Z plate to make adjustments.

Here is the one from Mr. Beaver

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Ah, got it. That’s what I thought he meant but I didn’t know the files were available for free. I’m excited to mill one out and add it to my current setup!


Go for it! Long as it’s not being sold I encourage people to have a go.


Thanks! It won’t look as pretty as the anodized one you sell though. Maybe I just need to step it up and start home-anodizing this summer.


Yes, you definitely do. :slight_smile:

Since everyone is up already. How bout some man sized O ring action, 1/16 two flute running a pocket at 30k/80ipm, beautiful.


Crazy the machine still has more left on the table.

Going forward with the Master Plan