Necklace Tree for Granddaughter

I am looking for a program that will work on my Shapeoko 3 XL to make a necklace tree for my granddaughter. Does anyone have any ideas where I could find such a program?

You should be able to draw that up in pretty much any CAD program.

I did a similar sort of thing a while back — a parametric design for a stand:

perhaps it will get you started?

If you get stuck, just let us know and post your progress and we’ll do our best to work through this with you.

I am not a Facebook member and I don’t know how to do CAD. That is why I have asked for help. I am trying to draw a tree with Carbide Create but it is pretty difficult to make all of the turns and shapes that are needed.

There are a number of files on Thingiverse that should work, a lot of them are .dxf which can be easily imported into Carbide Create. They are designed for laser cutting but should CNC just as well. Most of these designs have two pieces slotting together so you need to make sure to use the thickness of material to match the file or modify the slot width for your material in CC. Here are a few that I found:
Laser Cut Jewelry Tree (6mm)
Arbre à bijoux / Jewelry Tree
Lasered Jewelry Tree with base

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How far have you gotten in drawing?

Have you tried just drawing one by hand and then tracing it?

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