Parametric design for stand

This was requested on Facebook:

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Start by setting up the parameters:


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Then we begin drawing things up as a model in BlockSCAD:

The arch for underneath needs to be calculated in terms of the chord as the arch.

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Since it’s easier to design something once one has some hard numbers we draw this up:

and do all the Boolean operations to arrive at:


PDF version: drinkstand.pdf (2.2 KB)

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Next step is to do the math to calculate the radius of the circle needed for the arch:

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Then we add make that into a suitably named module, then make a module for the column, adding rectangles for it and subtract the cutout for the crossing part of the base:

and one can have an option to preview as:

and the project is available at:

Exporting the OpenSCAD code, modifying it to use the Customizer, and to project the DXF option so as to export a 2D file is left as an exercise for the reader.


@WillAdams love these write-ups so don’t stop :grin: a quick question trying to get this in my head, what makes this a parametric design, and not say a “normal” design, is it simply the definition of parameters similar to fusions parameters that allow you to change box size height etc. Sorry if this is an obvious question.


Yes, if you load up the BlockSCAD or OpenSCAD file and change the numbers the design will be recalculated which makes this a parametric design driven by parameters.

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