Need a folding stand for your machine?

This is just too cool and too perfect:

Shapeoko 3 folding mobile stand, Dewalt DW7440RS

Now if only we can find something so perfectly suited for an XL (that’s what I need) or an XXL…

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This was posted about again at:

and I finally got around to putting together the one I bought:

Mounting it was simplicity itself — just needed 4 M5x30 BHCSs, and 4 washers from the stand hardware supply, and 4 M5 washers and 4 M5 nuts — for assembly you’ll also need a 10mm socket and ratchet.

Next up is working out mounting the power supply and working out a way to secure the USB cable and other accoutrements.


looks nice but… I’d be worried that it ends up “shaking”… how stable is it?

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Good question — didn’t have time to test it out, but I actually use a rather rickety folding table for my XL and it works okay, so I expect this will work well, esp. once I manage to swap the MDF for an aluminum threaded table (I’ll probably source even longer bolts and put the MDF underneath the machine).

I have a Vika model 21010 folding work bench and scafold. I saw it on for $149.00. I currently have my Ridgid osc sander sitting on it. I like that it folds up and has telescoping legs so you can make it two heights. It has a handle for carrying and an electrical outlet built in.

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