Need advice on computer to run my machine

Ok so as you can see below I currently have my laptop on top of one of the tool chests. It is ok but trying to jog my machine and set up for jobs is a pain looking back and forth. I would like to set a computer or tablet up on the right side of the machine preferably on a arm / post mount since I am a tall person. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for what I should get?

Short of a new machine, you could try a wireless keyboard. CM has keyboard shortcuts for all the jog speed/direction commands.

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Yes that is a good suggestion and it would work.

I would like add a dedicated computer to the machine so I can use the one pictured at home in my office to do my design work. I was thinking that it would be nice to have something that would run both vcarve pro and carbide motion if possible.

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This is what I use for my laptop.

This is what I use to jog to positions.



that stand looks very nice. the little controller I have seen quite a few times but I have not really seen anyone use it. are there videos out there that show how it is used? it really looks like something that would help me a lot.

I use a similar computer holder as @avetrano Anthony’s. It worksouts very well for me.
Mobotron MS-426-SSBundle Deal Standard Vehicle Laptop Mount + Screen Stabilizer

Easy to use its a plug in and play. The buttons used are

right top the 4 buttons around the (OK)

UP and Down move the gantry forward and back
Left and right move the Z axis left and right

Page Up and Page Down move the Z axis up and down

Buttons 1, 2, 3 and 4 change the speed at which everything moves 1 is the slowest 4 is the fastest.

When you are in the Jog menu prior to setting Zero the controller will work it defaults to 1 the slowest it can be changed any time in that menu.

Im sure there are videos out there and I haven’t looked for any in the last 2 years.

I am not sure if this will do any other functions with the Shapeoko. It works for me doing just the above and im happy with that.

I am very happy with the swing arm.


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