Need Help. Can't resurface my spoilboard

Im new to the CNC world and am Very excited to get things done but am getting a little frustrated with the fact the the bits cant go any lower. I just got up and running a couple of weeks ago and I can’t resurface my spoil board I have an S3 xxl with Z-plus. I have a whiteside bit to resurface it but it won’t reach the wasteboard. I have the touch probe and the bit setter. If I turn unit off, I can make the Z axis go down and touch the board. but its on it won’t go down.

The short of it, you would want a spoil board (waste board) on top of the Shapeoko’s base board/plate. As you will want to continuously be able to surface the board after a given length of time (jobs) and replacing the base board/plate is much harder compared to one on top of it. I think the minimal thickness waste board you would want is 3/4"


I am using 3/4 MDF. So what your saying is that I need to use 2 spoil boards. one on top of the other

Careful, you are causing the carriage block to extend past the rails, which can cause the ball bearings to fall out. Highly recommend not to go past what you have pictured.

The inside of a bearing carriage block:


The picture looked like the 3/4" base board that comes with the machine, is that correct? If so, you need an additional one on top. If you are saying there is another board on top of the one included with the Shapeoko, I believe that thread linked mentions some having to go as far as 1" due to smaller (<1/8") end mills reach.

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Okay. Thank you! The picture show the z-axis stopped. it won’t go any lower. and thanks for there heads up on the bearing. I won’t force it down anymore. I added a spoil board on top of the factory boards the S3 comes with.


it looks like you have an additional spoil board on top of the stock Shapeoko base. Make sure you have your router all the way down in the mount. I can see your router but I cannot tell if it is all the way down. The only other option would be an extension. I have not seen any 1/4" extensions but they are most likely available. Extensions can be problematic because they exaggerate any run out a router may have. If you can find an extension only use to surface your spoil board. This limitation of the maximum Z on the Z+ has been noted on the forum. You may have to get a 1" MDF spoil board or add another 3/4 inch spoil board to keep from using an extension. If you put a second (third) spoil board on top that reduces you overall Z maximum but for me that would not be a problem because I generally cut 1" and shorter material on my Shapeoko. Since you already have a Z plus my new HDZ goes way below what the Z Plus does. So a taller spoil board my be your best solution. Not sure if the Dewalt sticks down further from the mount but that is what I have, HDZ, Stock router mount, Shapeoko 3 XXL with a supplemental 3/4" spoil board on top of the factory base.

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There was a long thread on this exact subject in the last month or so. You should find it with a search.

Thanks everyone for the help. I know what I need to do.

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