Flattening bit doesn't touch waste board

All - First, sorry for the slow reply here. I wanted to have actual answers for everyone before blindly posting back.

Here are the facts:

  • The Z+ has a total travel distance of 100mm
  • The Belt Drive has a total travel distance of 80mm
  • The Z+ and Belt Drive have the same clearance above the baseplate
  • The Z+ spindle mount sits 8.5mm higher than the Belt Drive

The increase in vertical z-axis travel is a bonus for the Z+. We have seen (and heard from) a lot of customers requesting ‘higher’ z-axis travel in order to avoid workholding solutions (like a vise) and to machine thicker projects yet still have clearance to move the spindle around. So, that was the design intent behind the Z+.

If the cutter being used is short, then reaching the stock baseplate on the machine won’t be possible. However, as @Julien (and many others) have mentioned - it really is best practice to add an actual wasteboard to the machine before cutting. The baseplate that comes with the machine shouldn’t be used for a wasteboard. We’ll be sure to add this to the onboarding process so that is more clear for any future buyers.

With all of that said, I came up with a DIY design that anyone can use if they really want to reach all the way to the baseplate. You can find the link for it here: https://cutrocket.com/p/5e6a3cae534f3/

Note: I made the toolpaths in the file to be used with an 1/8" cutter - I haven’t vetted these yet, but will try to steal some time and cut one to prove this out - if someone cuts one in the meantime, please feel free to let me know :slight_smile:


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