Need help making a 2D of the Big Island of Hawaii

My Brother in law asked me to make an ornament of the Big Island of Hawaii. I have not ventured into this type of work as most of my stuff had been pretty basic shapes.

I have read that I need an DXF or SVG file for that. I googled to see if there were any out there. All I found were files of the entire island chain on places like Etsy. Will these work? it looks like most of them are designed to work for Vinyl or T-shirt type projects.

Just search google. Find a bit map image. Open in free Inkscape, highlight the island you want. Trace bit map of highlighted island then save as plain svg. Import into cc and resize to needed size.

When you say trace it do you mean with the mouse ?

No there is a function to trace a bit map image. I have the write up on my computer I will attach later. Currently on my phone.

Find a free image, sure Hawaii is all over goofle images.

No problem! I have found this site with this image will this work if I download it?


there is:

If you wish, you could do a 3D model:

Here’s an STL as a starting point:

Big_Island_smoothed.stl (3.6 MB)

Thanks for the links Will! If I download the image will I be able to isolate the one island or will I have to cut the whole chain? With the STL looks like a 3D rendering I don’t have any Ball end mills as of yet. Would that still work as a 2D shape?

Here is the link for the Inkscape tutorial to convert bit maps to svg: Inkscape tutorial: Tracing bitmaps | Inkscape

The procedure is simple if you have the image.

How to create SVG in Inscape

Open your image in Inkscape – SELECT IT!
Click Path – Trace Bitmap – this will open a Trace Bitmap window
Click ‘Update’ to be sure image looks OK – then click OK and close window
Be sure your new image is SELECTED – click File – Save As - Choose type as Plain SVG – hit Save

You will now have an SVG file that “should” open just fine in Carbide Create


You can just click on Hawaii image and “Save Image As” it is already an svg.

When you import it into Carbide Create the image may be bigger than you want. Draw a box the size you want the image to be and use the sizing tool to make it smaller or bigger. When you get the image the size you want just delete the box.

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Cool tks! I will give this a shot and report back.

Ok that worked! But I think I’m going to have to do this in 3D. The 2d cutout just doesn’t work as an ornament. Unless you know what you are looking at it’s hard to tell what it is.

I will be looking at buying some ball end mills not sure what size would be good for this project and something larger say a 12"x14" rendering.

Yes, you should be able to edit the state outlines as desired.

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