Need help testing cutters

We just received a test batch of some new cutters that we’re planning to offer and we’d like to get some feedback before we put the whole order in. We’ve got about 4-5 cutter packs to give away.

If you’re interested in getting free cutters in exchange for some feedback, post a picture of your best work on the Shapeoko in aluminum. I’m sure these cutters will work well for other materials but we’re most interested in your experience cutting aluminum.


I’ve recently cut a few things out of aluminum and am loving it lately. I’d enjoy providing feedback (written, verbal, photos, and/or video).

Here are a few things I’ve recently completed with some more work planned as well within the next couple weeks! One was a Star Trek logo for a friend, another is a XYZ touch probe, and the other is a volume knob for a media controller for my brother’s PC.


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This is one of my more popular works in aluminium. Different configurations for five or six speed muscle cars. Very delicate.

This one is a new base for a router. It mounts a three HP router onto my Shapeoko 3. Bearing fit and it all works but tends to overheat. It is offset as much as possible to allow the body of the motor clear. Working on a better cooling option. Forgive my crude clamps and mistakes one two hole locations.


@The_real_janderson and @Tominater - send me a PM with your current shipping address.

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Here’s a few bits I’ve cut


Do you have anymore information on style, flute count, degree. I can compare them against a variety of the best endmills from Lakeshore, Destiny, and Datron.


Wow! @Griff and @Vince.Fab both showed up, the powerhouse duo of aluminum milling on the Shapeoko. I’m sure you already know this Rob but they should be able to give you excellent feedback.

Not as cool as other but super clean when they came out of the machine. The key holder I made about 2 years ago and it has been in my pocket every day sense. I put the radii on the key holder as a test and it came out better then expected.


Ha ha you flatter me to put me up there with Vince. Truth be told I’m not even in the same building.

Thanks though. I’m always down for free good stuff.

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Alright, @griff @Vince.Fab and @ShallowCreekHill are the last three . Shoot me a PM with your addresses.

So here’s what’s being sent out:

  • ZrN Coated 1/8" single-flute cutter
  • ZrN Coated 1/4" single flute cutter
  • ZrN Coated 1/4" 3 flute stub cutter with a relieved shank.

The first two are self explanatory. For the stub cutter, we thought this might be a good way to make a rigid cutter that can still cut through 3/4" - 1" material if necessary. Our thinking is that you can take shallow passes through the stock and the relieved shank should keep it from rubbing on the way down. By keeping the flutes short, it should be more rigid than a standard cutter and reduce potential chatter.

There was an error made on the relieved shank cutter, it should have been made 2" long, not 2.5 so be sure to set it deeper in the collet than you might naturally do. The production units will be 2" OAL.

You’re getting two of each so don’t be afraid to break them. Post a couple of pics of what your cuts look like.


Super cool!! Even better than I had expected!

What’s the flute length on that stub? Should still be plenty for hardcore adaptive!

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3/8" LOC on the stub. I did some testing a year ago on stub cutters with the Shapeoko just doing normal pocketing ops and it was a definite improvement. We wanted that relieved shank though to reduce the potential for rubbing so it took a while to get around to having them made.

EDIT: The shaft is relieved up to .75" from the tip so it should be good for material up to .75" thick without any rubbing.

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those all look awesome.

rough eta and pricing if they pan out?

Very roughly:

2mm single flute ZrN (don’t have test cutters yet) $18
1/8" single flute ZrN - $19
1/4" single flute ZrN - $25
1/4" stub relieved ZrN - $27

They may go up a dollar or two, and we’ll probably package them in 2-packs. We can save some money if we don’t coat them but we’ll probably only sell the coated version to start with and then order a few uncoated for further testing.

We expect them to work well, so unless anything bad shows up in the next week or two, we’ll probably order our initial batch for delivery in a few weeks.

Like all of our other cutters, these are made in the US from blanks of US carbide.


Awesome, these single flutes look like a great contender to Amana Tools’s O single flutes, for a much better price. I’ll definitely have to grab some when they are available.

Awesome! Those look beautiful. I was just about to place an order for some single flute endmills shortly too. Perfect timing. That relieved shank one looks great too since I was about to start looking for a source since I only ever really need a stub endmill anyway since the Shapeoko can’t handle cutting a 1" DOC so why have more flute than necessary?

Like @DanStory said, these look like great prices and a great offset for Amana Tool’s ones which are over $30.

Oh it can cut 1", maybe not as clean with a bone stock machine but there is definitely a time and place for longer flute lengths. Full depth 2d finishing for example

1.250 flute length for reference.

In my personal experience, the best metal removal rates for 0.250s was around 0.100 doc. The added stiffness should help and not having to reduced the necks yourself is great for everybody!

We could setup and share a quick file even.


That’s true, I was imagining adaptive cutting in my mind and neglected finishing.

Sure, I’d love to share a file that has at least adaptive, slotting, and finishing toolpaths to test a variety. Do you have something in mind?

Maybe this? Not too large, good adaptive practice. No slots but I suppose you could add one :crazy_face:

EDIT Hmmmmm, bad link. Will fix tomorrow

EDIT 2 here we go