Need wiring help, please!

Can anyone tell me what the order of the wires that go to the open pins on the left in this picture should be, please? Nomad “classic,” in case it matters. I think it should be Red, Yellow, Gray, Green, going from left to right. It’s the port that goes to the z axis motor. I made a silly mistake and removed the wire from the connector without noting the proper order.


there is only one way the z axis plug can go back I think and my photo illustrates it, the colours from left to right in the photo are blue, black, green, red. Either you are going colour blind or I am because I don’t see a yellow.

Also while you have this open you should check if the SMT resistors R1 to R6 are 0ohms (code 000) else you could be getting small glitches in your x-axis pulses that cause it to step sideways sometimes.

Thanks! Unfortunately I am replacing my z axis cable, and the new one came with the wires not inserted into the plug, which made me think I had to pull the ones I was replacing out of their plug, which is how I got into this mess. Oy.

It seems like carbide must not be using all the same color wires for their machines. Can you possibly please take a photo of the back of your z axis motor? I can just use that with your other photo to work out which wires go to which pins.

Thanks again!

This should help

Thanks, @Darren! Would you mind taking a photo of the back of your z-axis motor, too, please? I just want to triple check that mine is lined up the same way as yours, since it seems like they don’t always use the same cabling.

@1st_Kiwi_Nomad how do I check the SMT resistors?

No problem - here you go!

not good


note the tiny values on the resistors, you have to use your phone to take photos to read them unless your eyesight is better than mine

looks like a lot of dust on that bearing…

It’s not as bad as it looks… I had a bunch of dust on top and I rubbed it off to take the pic. Need to get in there and vacuum it out properly!

Thanks for all the help, @Darren and @1st_Kiwi_Nomad, I’ve got it working now. Really appreciate it!

ruh-roh, I looked at those resistors and they have the bad values. What now?

are you seeing oval holes and or steps in your parts? if there is a problem your machine will be drifting in the x direction creating these artifacts

No, so far I haven’t seen any issues. Hopefully it’ll stay that way!

Hopefully, and if it doesn’t stay that way it’s an easy fix. You simply change the stepper driver board or solder over the resistors to basically short them to 0ohms. There is a monster thread on it here. Slight stepping artifacts; any ideas? and a shorter one here that I discovered the bug on Holes not coming out round, since you have already had your machine open you should not find changing the board hard.