NEMA 23 425oz vs NEMA 23 269oz

Trying to understand the difference between the various types of number 23 steppers. Any advice from the forum is appreciated.

Option one:

Option two:

Option three:

Some more about what you’re trying to do would help?
I’ve been happy with working with these folks:

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I’m interesting in understanding the benefits of different or upgraded steppers as well. Are you replacing one that failed or upgrading? If upgrading, why?

You might check Mikes thread here: Steppers, Drives, Oh My! Adventures with replacement electronics and drives


The last ones you posted would work well, however you will want to run some 48v power supplies along with external steppers to take advantage of their potential.

I replaced because I wanted to see how much of a difference it made. That turned into a whole project of its own. I was initially trying to increase the rapid speed, and improve some chatter I was having. I haven’t gotten back to the project I started with yet. Bigger steppers turned into better/bigger drivers, which turned into a new controller…power supplies…a cabinet…I’ve totally gotten carried away with myself.

Holding torque is FAR larger than the stock machine, but I don’t know if it really matters.


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