New Category suggestion - Ornamental Firewood

This is my forth attempt, that ended eerily similar to two other ( one made it, but screwed up the data).
This was laser scanned and it all looked good until it didn’t.


You’re doing great! I can’t even make a tray. :roll_eyes:

Can you make your fifth attempt self igniting? I believe you would then be onto something great. :wink:

LOL I believe the self-igniting ones generally occur when you leave the machine unattended. :dizzy_face:

I’ve had zero success with the 3D projects and am holding out for software and training enhancements to come down to my level of ability to understand them.

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What software have you tried?

Just CC so far.

3D is just if interest so far, I don’t know that I ‘need’ to know it, but I keep thinking of how it could enhance some of the things I’m doing or may do. I haven’t put real pressure on myself to make it a priority, so it’s on me.

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OK, I see. No worries, you can always ask later. :+1: