How to draw a star --- Carbide Create

While Carbide Create has a number of stars available, some regular stars are not provided:

Fortunately, it’s pretty straight-forward to draw a regular star:

Draw a circle which is the size of the desired star:

Draw a rectangle which is taller than the radius of the circle and duplicate it:

Rotate each angle by either positive or negative:

360° ÷ number of sides/points (5) ÷ 4 == 18° (for a 5 pointed star)

and drag them into alignment at the top center node of the circle:

Draw in a rectangle which is left-right centered and top-aligned with the circle:

Select a rotated rectangle and the drawn square and Boolean subtract:

Draw a square and position its top at the center of the circle and shift click on the shape and the square and Boolean subtract:

Duplicate a triangle:

Drag it on top of the original:

Select one triangle and the circle:

Rotate them by

360° ÷ number of sides/points (5) == 72° (for a 5 pointed star)

Repeat for each remaining point/arm.

Select the triangles:

Boolean Union everything together: