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Okay I took the plunge and upgraded to the new version of CC. so what do I need to look for, what are the tips and tricks of the new cc. How do I add my cutters I purchased to the new version. What do I need to know about it what has changed? Is there a manual anywhere for it?

@WillAdams wrote a howto for adding tools

the rest is mostly the same, but you’ll love advanced vcarve.


Where do I find what will wrote and how do I use the advanced v carve

advanced vcarve is just another type of toolpath, but it lets you set a maximum depth, and it lets you pick a normal endmill for clearing out the bulk of the area…

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In your EGA example there were only black lines in the simulation. If you took the banner that had 1775 in it the v carve tool path looked at the ribbon as one line and tried to touch both sides of t he line with the vee bit. That made your preview look like a black line because that was the center of the tool path and had you cut that gcode you would have had a vee shaped valley. Depending on how wide the banner was, lets say it was 1/2 inch thick, the valley would have been 1/2 inch thick and as deep as required for the bit you chose to get a half inch wide. So the valley would most like have been about 1/2 inch deep.

Advanced V Carving allows you to pick an endmill to route out the bulk of the area in the banner and make the floor as deep as you set as maximum. Then the vee bit would go around the outside of the banner making the vee shape but limiting it to what ever you set as maximum depth. So if you set .125 inches a maximum depth you would have a flat bottom in the benner .125 inches deep and the edges of the banner with a vee shape at what ever degree of bit you choose. You could see in the simulation I sent you that the EGA looked like what you think of for an EGA and not a wide line carved deeply like with only a v carve.

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At this time, the Carbide Create 5 series is mostly about updating the interface to a more standard one away from the custom toolkit which was used in older versions.

In addition to the Advanced V carve toolpath option there is also an option to set the begin/end depth for normal V carves and Texture toolpaths which can be useful.

One other interface change is that the Library of design elements was removed because it is moving on-line, see:

Mississippi has a new state flag:

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What is the newest version of CC?

CC517 which is in beta:

Thank you very much

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