New Controller and the size is wrong

My controller died and I replaced it. I have a 4XL. I was in the middle of carving a nice chunk of walnut when it died.

I went into settings and picked the 4XL with a ball screw Z Which I believe is the standard, not an HDZ. I took a good guess at where the center of my carve should be and ran the program. (without power to the router and at a higher Z so I could save the walnut). Anyway the outside seems to be bigger than it should be, maybe by 1/2".

Any ideas as to how to fix it or what I did wrong?


The standard Z-axis on a Shapeoko 4 is a Z-Plus which has a leadscrew.

The optional HDZ Z-axis has a ball-screw.

The default steps/mm for the belts have been 1/40 mm for a very long while, and it’s unlikely they’d be off that much — the adjustments indicated by techniques such as:

are quite small.

Hi WIll,

But I shouldn’t have to recalibrate it. I did defaults for the 4XL when I set the configuration ( twice I might add)

Is there something different about a new controller? My old one was about 16 months old?

I’m running the same g-code I ran with the old controller

I didn’t do any mechanical changes although I added a bitrunner

It should simply be necessary to reconfigure per:

Since I didn’t reload motion, I just went to the setting menu. Selected 4XL, Lead Screw, and router with bitsetter. Didn’t mess with any other setting. Then sent the config to the board. It should just work, right? LOL

Please let us know about these difficulties at

I think what I’ll do later today is put some scrap wood over the walnut and do a cut so I can see exactly how much it is off. That will give me a clue and then I’ll contact support

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After you carefully review everything, you find out you were wrong and the machine was right. Thanks for your input. All is well now

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I mark on the wall each time I am wrong. It is now black.

Have fun. Make chips, not dust

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