New Laptop/Machine will not position correctly

I just tried to use a new laptop to run CM and the machine will not initialize like my old laptop nor will it respond all of the way to the left with the jog function. After hitting “Initialize” the machine goes to the back left and then stops. It no longer goes the the front-center position. When I hit Rapid Movement to send it to the left front, , it will go to front-center and stop.
If I hook up my old laptop, it works fine.
I have looked around in the settings, but I don’t see anything that my uneducated eyes can see.
Thanks for any help

Have you sent the correct machine configuration?

If that doesn’t help, let us know at (and mention that you have seen the afore-mentioned link so we don’t send it again).

I have followed the directions you provided and am still having the same issue. When select my machine (3XL) it does not change the settings even though I hit “OK”
After OK, I "OK the Z Axis, but the travel dimensions box never changes to my size, it remains at 830x430x95.
On my old laptop I was able to set it up according to your instructions and it works fine.

Please write in to and we’ll do our best to look into this w/ you.

Support called me back regarding this issue.
Per Carbide3d, if you hook a new computer up to the Shapeoko machine, you will have to go through the entire machine set up again.
I foolishly thought that, once the CM software was loaded onto the new laptop, that they would communicate seamlessly with each other. Bad assumption on my part!
Kudos to the support team for resolving me problem.

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